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We know you have high expectations. That's why we are constantly improving our practices so that our customers are excited about the work we do. Communication is a huge priority for us. We won't disappear for weeks or show up unannounced. You'll know our schedule and if something changes, you'll be the first to know about it.

Fun facts:

  1. We only hire non-smokers.

  2. Our employees  are kind, goal oriented people.

  3. Our employees take pride in their appearance and work ethic. 

  4. We care about the environment and do our best to manage trash, debris and dust/chemicals in a responsible, ecology-friendly way. 


We take our job seriously. We don't take cheap & quick short cuts. Even if "nobody will see it." We believe that everyone deserves good carpentry in their home... whether it's you or the owners of your home in 60 years. If we don't feel comfortable working on your project we'll recommend a specialist for you to work with. ***Note: We're not currently taking work for historical homes. 


Tell us all of your hopes and dreams for you property. We will do our best to fit your project into your needs. There are several ways to get a project finished, but we always try to do what's best for YOU... That means no dragging out projects for months and months. We keep a tidy job-site and we don't want to disrupt your life! Need us to let the dog out or water your ferns? Just let us know. We're here to help.

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